• Outstanding Youth Hailey Guzman, Jakhia Lifhred, Christian Galentine, Sinclaire Dupree and Sophia
  • Kathy Basile Champions for Children Terissa Aronson, Glenn Camelio, Valerie Bell and Karen Bailey
  • Kathryn Hensley, Kathy Basile Champion for Children award winner SLC Chamber of Commerce CEO Teri
  • Kathryn Hensley, Kathy Basile Champion for Children award winner Glenn Camelio of Starbucks SLW a
  • Kathryn Hensley, Valerie Bell and Sean Boyle
  • Kathryn Hensley, Karen Bailey and Sean Boyle
  • Jim Dwyer and Kimberly Eardley
  • Deb Pizzimenti, Eric Finkel, Judge Bob Meadows and Anthony Bonna
  • Nick Toque, Nicole Hughes, Christian Galentine, Nelson Sanchez and Robby Hughes
  • Randee Gabriel, Karen Bailey and Vada Clock
  • Gregory McDonald and Terrance Beauford
  • Debbie Van Slooten and Judi Scarborough
  • Pastor Kenny Mills and Mike James
  • Christian Galentine and Melanie Wiles
  • Melanie Wiles and SLC Commissioner Cathy Townsend
  • Sandy Mack and Christian Galentine
  • SLC Commissioner Linda Bartz and Christine Galentine
  • Mike James, Sandy Mack and Jim Dwyer
  • Sandy Mack and Christian Galentine
  • Carl Hensley and Fort Pierce Mayor Linda Hudson
  • Sandy Mack and Ashley Mock
  • Terissa Aronson, Kathryn Hensley and SLC Property Tax Appraiser Michelle Franklin
  • Dr. Anastasia Legakes and Christian Galentine
  • Jessica Parrish and SLC Commissioner Sean Mitchell

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